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Plastisol Dip Coating - Plastic Coatings Ltd

The coating of components with PVC plastisols to the trade is unique to Plastic Coatings Ltd. This process involves the coating of metalwork which results in a very thick 'rubbery' type of coating from 1.5 mm up to 5mm depending upon the mass of the component being processed.

The process is very similar in principle to the dipping of parts into Fluidised Beds of Thermoplastics. In other words the components are first prepared, heated and then dipped into a tank of coating material.

The difference with this process is that the tank of coating material is a liquid mixture of PVC and Plasticiser. Also the components are left in the tank of material while they are hot, until they no longer ‘pick up’ any further coating material. Post heating is then necessary to fully cure right through the thickness of coating.

Our trade name for the application of plastisols is Vylastic ® PVC coating and we use materials such as DM70 in Black or Red.

Visit our website for further details - https://www.plasticcoatings.co.uk/plastic-coatings-processes/plastisol-coating.php

Coating Machine

㈜에스에이치이엔씨는 모든설비를 100% 자동화와 고속화하여 각종 산업용 기자재 및 일반 금구류 제품의 PVC 코팅과 자동차 부품의 전기절연 및 보호를 위한 PVC Sleeve 등을 전문적으로 생산하는 업체입니다.

Plastic Coating System

I was fortunate enough to get a tour of my neighbouring factory where they do Plastic Coating, it's a very basic system where a metal part is baked at 348 degrees celsius for 4 minutes, dipped in aerated plastic powder then using a low pressure air blower to remove the loose powder then baked again to flow the powder out before the final step of cooling down.
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