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DDoS Attack Explained

A VPN protects against a DDOS attack.
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What is a DDoS attack? This is an animated video explaining what a DDoS attack is. Distributed denial of service. It also explains what is a botnet.
PowerCert Animated Videos : Hello everyone. Is the server, with all the flashing lights and animations, too much of a distraction in this video?

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AidenShmaiden : So basically some 17 year old kid who wants to end your WiFi bc you killed him on csgo
Edm Legend : my friends got ddosed in R6 ranked. Lmao people really committing felonies to win a game.
DuckierSquire 72 : Empoy: Sir the severs are down
Boss: why is that
Empoy: because some kid got salty in rainbow six siege ranked
Boss: -_-
Encrypted Wizard : Ladies and gentlemen we are now under the FBI watchlist.

Edit: Caused a massive fucking fight in the replies.

i bought a DDoS attack on the DARK WEB (don't do this)

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
1:16 ⏩ i bought some bad stuff
1:53 ⏩ the low orbit ion cannon
3:21 ⏩ DDoS with Ping (hping3)
6:23 ⏩ SYN flood attack
9:10 ⏩ why DDoS doesn't work
9:48 ⏩ Dark Web DDoS Scripts
13:04 ⏩ Build your own Botnet

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#ceh #ddos #darkweb
NetworkChuck : *****ANNOUNCEMENT ------> you are no longer allowed to DDoS my site. It is being taken down. DO NOT DDoS any of my sites going forward.
Brian Kiprono : this guy has a lot of faith in people
ZachG228 : “Here’s exactly how to make meth, but DON’T MAKE IT!!”
tirius66 : Dude could just read poetry, record it and sell as meditation guidance. Such a calming tone.
Morotton : Quiet kid during online school : write that down, write that down

What is a DDoS Attack?

Learn more about IBM Cloud Internet Services: http://ibm.biz/prod-cloud-internet-services  

Learn more about DDoS: http://ibm.biz/networking-a-complete-guide

A DDoS attack is an attempt by an attacker to create so much traffic or congestion to a target application, or an internet application that It impedes the traffic flow of normal visitors.

Check out this quick overview video with Ryan Sumner as he goes over the basics of a DDoS attack and what to look for if you think you may be under attack.

Get started for free on IBM Cloud: http://ibm.biz/free-cloud-account-sign-up

#DDoS #CloudSecurity #IBMCloud
Popeyes_supremE : This video came in handy because I was just playing a math of rainbow six siege and 8 players were banned at the same time for a DDoS attack
Sana Shahid : Thank you so much I literally wasted my hours to find good video on this and then I got my hand on this video ❤️❤️
Seungwon Seo : Nice handy and good to get understood well at a snap of mintues! Thank you
Mayank Nauni : can’t get my eyes off the perfectly drawn circles and squares, by the way, excellent explanation
nirmites : Awesome,
IBM employees who are explaining on YouTube, are great...




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